Webinar: Digitalising Composites Inspection using Smart In-Mould Sensors

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 / 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CEST / 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM AEST

Currently, thermoset-based composite manufacturing processes are set to predefined cycle times and cannot be adapted without considerable effort. Material, temperature and humidity fluctuations cannot be compensated and there is inevitably a high risk of scrap production.

The dielectric sensor system of NETZSCH Analyzing and Testing provides the possibility to characterise the material behaviour in the invisible and critical curing process in the tool, to communicate with the superordinated machine control and thus to implement dynamic manufacturing processes. This approach brings improved process robustness, cost savings and higher productivity.

The German funded and AVK awarded project “OPTO-Light” with partners BMW, KraussMaffei, the AZL Aachen has proven the effectiveness and necessity of in-mold sensors for complex polymer-based manufacturing processes. Through communication with the process control system, the new sensor technology controlled the process allowing optimal adhesion of dissimilar materials based on the measured material behaviour (gel point, Tg, conversion).

In this webinar we will introduce dielectric sensor technology for thermoset composite manufacturing processes. We will show several real-life application examples and a live measurement of a GFRP prepreg using the NETZSCH DEA 288 Lab Press. We will analyse the live test results and discuss how to correlate with conventional post-process laboratory QC methods (eg. DSC, DMA, Rheology). Our experts will be available to answer your questions throughout the webinar including an extended live Q&A session at the conclusion of the presentation.

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Dr. Alexander Chaloupka

Andrew Gillen

Dr. Stefan Schmölzer