NETZSCH Commercial Testing

Our Expertise

The NETZSCH Thermal Analysis Applications Laboratories are a experienced partner for thermal analysis issues. Our involvement in your projects begins with precise and careful sample preparation and continues through profound examination and interpretation of the measurement results. Our measuring methods are state-of-the-art.

Customers of our laboratory services are from a wide range of large companies in industries such as chemical, automotive, electronics, air/space travel, racing, thermoelectrics, polymer and ceramics.

Your Advantage

You will receive high-precision measurement results and valuable interpretations from us. This will enable you to exactly specify new materials and components before actual deployment, minimize risks of failure, and gain decisive advantage over your competitors.

For production problems, we can work with you to analyze causal issues and work out solution concepts.

The relatively low expense of investment in our test measurements and services will pay off by greatly reducing your down time and reject rates.

We are the partner you can trust and rely on. Be sure to increase the satisfaction of yourself and your customers!