AMI Polymers in Building Insulation 2019

After the great success in 2018, the conference "Polymers in Building Insulation" will take place on April 9-10, 2019 in Dusseldorf.

The insulation industry is becoming more and more important and at the same time requires new developments and research results.
The aim of the conference is to bring together experts from all parts of the supply chain: whether it is advances in production technology, sustainability for the building insulation industry, developments in regulations and testing, market trends and changing building standards or innovations to improve the insulation performance and fire protection of the materials used - the two-day event is the ideal platform for a lively exchange of ideas.

Don't miss the presentation of our Business Field Manager for Ceramic, Glass and Building Materials, Mr. Alexander Frenzl on the topic of "Vacuum-insulation panels: Challenges in measurement of thermal conductivity and ways to overcome" on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 9.40 a.m.