Webinar: Introduction to Battery Testing by Thermal Analysis

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am CEST

Various Thermal Ananlysis Methods of Battery Materials

For battery development, manufacturing and highly diversified applications, knowledge of thermal properties, stability evaluation and lifespan play a decisive role. The basic goals for current battery design plans are long life, full charge, charging timing and continuous release of stored electrical energy. Modern thermal analysis and calorimetry methods allow you to select the most suitable materials for many components, such as the positive, negative, electrolyte, separator and cell of a battery. The three main components that make up a battery (anode, cathode, electrolyte) contribute to thermal instability. In addition, the battery voltage can cause thermal instability problems. When such cells are applied to new batteries, the calorimeter is the best solution for studying the risk and thermal stability of lithium-ion batteries. Thermal analysis instruments from NETZSCH not only analyze the efficiency and performance of these batteries in relation to their long life, but also allow evaluation such as short circuit, overvoltage and shock tests. The cycle design of a new battery can be summarized as a raw material experiment for reuse, a cell design, and an error experiment. NETZSCH offers solutions for each of these different steps.

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