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HFM 446 Lambda Medium

The new HFM 446 Lambda Medium features a standardized method for the measurement of thermal conductivity which is equally applicable in research and development and in quality assurance.

DSC 204 F1 Phoenix®

Bu yüksek kaliteli Diferansiyel Taramalı Kalorimetre (DSC) cihazı ile yüksek hassasiyet ve çözünürlük elde edilebilmektedir. Bunun yanında otomatik numune değiştirici (ASC), sıcaklık modülasyonu (TM-DSC), baseline optimizasyonu (BeFlat®), termal direnç ve zaman sabiti doğrulaması (DSC-Correction) ve hatta QMS (Quadruple Mass Spectrometre) ve FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroemtre) cihazlarına bağlantı ve fotokalorimetre için UV eklentisi gibi özellikleri de bulunmaktadır.

DMA EPLEXOR Series up to 500 N

The testing instruments of the EPLEXOR® series up to ±500 N enable the dynamic mechanical (or static) characterization of a wide range of different materials including elastomers and polymers, composites, metals, glasses, ceramics, biomaterials and foods, adhesives, and liquids.

TG 209 F1 Libra®

Flexibility with the fittings of this premium instrument for thermogravimetry allow it to cover almost any imaginable application in the range up to 1100°C. The system has many outstanding features: BeFlat® function allows or immediate measurement upon switching on the unit, the system’s heating rates of up to 200 K/min allow for faster results, while its corrosion-resistant ceramic furnace withstands even fluorine- or chlorine-containing polymers, c-DTA® function for the detection of exothermal and endothermal reactions.

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Ağ semineri 19 Oct 2017

Laser Flash Analysis – Thermophysical Properties Characterization of Ceramics

Ağ semineri 26 Oct 2017

Areas of Application for Simultaneous Thermal Analysis with Ceramic Materials

Ağ semineri 16 Nov 2017

Understand the properties of polymer compounds by thermal analysis

Ağ semineri 28 Nov 2017

Better Batteries by Design: Measuring and Understanding Heat Signatures during Battery Cycling

News & Press

NEW High-Capacity Autosampler for DSC & TGA

06 Mar 2017 Press Release

NETZSCH Analyzing and Testing now offers the industry’s highest-capacity autosampler exclusively for their F1 range of TGA (Thermogravimetric Analyzer) and DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) instruments to dramatically boost sample throughput and make routine thermal analysis work more efficient. Okumaya devam et…

Alpha Technologies and NETZSCH Join in a Collaborative Partnership

24 Oct 2016 Press Release

Akron, OH and Selb, Germany – October 20, 2016 – Alpha Technologies and NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing are coming together to form a collaborative sales partnership. This alliance will enable the companies to broaden their capabilities within the rubber and polymer industry.Okumaya devam et…

The New EPLEXOR 500N at the K2016 – For Testing of Materials under Real-Life Conditions in the Ultra High-Force Range

18 Oct 2016 Press Release

The new NETZSCH GABO EPLEXOR is an easy-to-use, modular testing instrument for the thermo-mechanical characterization of various materials such as plastics, rubbers, composites, metals and ceramics. The electrodynamic oscillator generates defined deformations across a wide frequency and tempera-ture range. Okumaya devam et…