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In this section we are introducing thermal analysis tips and tricks for successful laboratory research.

Determination of the Oxidation Induction Time or Temperature: OIT and OOT
Tips for Sample Preparation for DSC Measurements
Not Even Platinum is Everlasting!
Not Just Clean, but Ultra-Clean! Tips for cleaning platinum and alumina crucibles
Precise Determination of the Specific Heat by Means of DSC
Determination of the Specific Heat by Means of LFA
When and How Must Samples Be Coated During LFA Measurements?
How to Measure Rigid, Higher Thermal Conductivity Samples by Means of HFM
Πάντα ῥεῖ (Panta Rhei) “Everything Flows“ – Thermal Analysis on Liquids
Importance of the Sample Geometry for LFA Measurements
What is the Influence of Crucible Lids on the Thermal Behavior of Hydrates?
DIL/TMA – Even Special Samples Can Be Handled!
How to Avoid Incorrect Results Due to Improper Sample Preparation
Up to Which Temperature Can Hermetically Sealed Aluminum Crucibles Be Employed?
Rheology – How to Select the Appropriate Measuring Geometry
Rheology for Beginners – Determining the Viscosity of a Hand Cream