III European Geopolymer Network

The 3rd edition of the European Geopolymer Network follows the meetings of Limoges in 2016 and Madrid in 2017. The event also belongs to the 'one-day-meeting' annually organized by the Working Group on Geopolymers of the Italian Ceramic Society. During the workshop Representatives of the scientific community and industry will meet to review progress on research, innovation and advantages of geopolymers with the aim of providing guidance on their most effective use in various industrial sectors in Europe.

Geopolymer technology allows the production of a wide range of versatile materials finding applications in many fields of industry such as: civil engineering, building, the automotive and aerospace industries, metallurgy, plastics industries, waste management, restoring, art and decoration, biomaterials, etc.. The aim of the workshop is to review the key results of the research and industry in the design and implementation of "solutions based on geopolymers" and provide guidance on how to exploit in the industrial field their properties.


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RomagnaTech - meetingroom

Event date:

30th November 2018