02 Jun 2016 Press Release

Questions on Polymer Analysis? Meet the Experts@NETZSCH has the Answers

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone handy every time you have a tricky question regarding your material characterization? During this live event you will have this opportunity. This July sees the start of a new NETZSCH webinar format called Meet the Experts@NETZSCH. Please send in your questions regarding the given topic before the live session and it will be answered in front of the camera using live stream technology. During the actual live webinar, there will be more opportunities to ask questions using the chat function in the software provided. Meet the Experts@NETZSCH is a live video format dedicated to current topics in material characterization.

Be there and take advantage of these unique opportunities:

  • Take a look behind the scenes at NETZSCH
  • Listen to interesting talks dealing with material characterization issues
  • Have a closer look at all the latest NETZSCH equipment
  • Use the online chat to get all of your questions regarding Thermal Analysis answered
  • Find out about challenges and solutions in Thermal Analysis

The launch of this new format will be July 14 with the topic “Quality Control on Compounds”. There, our experts Dr. Tobias Pflock and. Dr. Stefan Schmölzer, both with a wealth of experience in polymer analysis, will present an interesting talk and be available for all of your questions following the presentation. This time, the focus will be on all topics surrounding the classification of compounds and recyclates as well as the evaluation of polymer mixtures and blends.

Should you have any questions regarding those topics or in general about thermal analysis, please


for information on submitting questions and how to register for the live webinar. We will answer as many questions as possible at the live event and are looking forward to an interesting talk.