PE materials such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are often used for the production of packaging materials and films. Differential scanning calorimetry is often used to characterize the melting behavior of such materials, but the DSC 200 F3 Maia® can do even more. Due to its excellent low-temperature performance and outstanding sensitivity, the system also allows the detection of the glass transition (at –119.9°C). This extremely weak step in the DSC-curve is presented in the embedded picture in more detail.

DSC 200 F3 Maia® - Differential Scanning Calorimeter

This Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) development at NETZSCH unites compactness, robustness and simple operation with high detection sensitivity for your preferred application in material quality control and failure analysis.

DSC 3500 Sirius

DSC 3500 Sirius kompakt yapısı, sağlamlığı, yüksek hassasiyeti ve kolay kullanımı ile gıda, kozmetik, polimer, teknik tekstiller ve organik-inorganik malzeme gibi alanlarda hata analizi ve kalite-güvence için gerekli optimal şartları sunmaktadır.