Thermosets, Paints and Adhesives

Surely you must deal with issues such as these on a day-to-day basis:

  • How high is the degree of curing of the paint system?
  • Can the cycle time of the thermosetting moulding still be reduced by a temperature increase?
  • To what extent does the glass-fiber reinforcement of the composite influence the direction-dependent coefficient of thermal expansion?
  • How high is the thermal conductivity of the electronic component? 

Our Service

Choose literature according to your field of interest from among our applications literature.

Here you find literature data we especially reommend:
AS-098-2006 Polyurethane Foam
AS-101-2006 EP Powder Coating

Take advantage of our comprehensive literature service for further application examples for your polymer field. 

We recommed to especially have a look onto the following literature:
AS-032-2006 Unsaturated Polyester Resin
AS-097-2006 Epoxy Resin (Pre-Cured)
AS-106-2006 1-Component Epoxy Resin Delo-Katiobond KB 554
AS-107-2006 Methacrylates Used as Dental Restorative Material
AS-131-2006 Epoxy Resin
AS-140-2007 Vinyl Ester Resin
AS-143-2007 Polyimide Resin
AS-144-2007 Epoxy Powder Coating
AS-145-2007 Epoxy Resin
AS-146-2007 Epoxy Powder Coating
AS-147-2007 Vinyl Ester Resin

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