Alumina Green Body — Sintering

An alumina green body was tested with the DIL 402 C employing the NETZSCH Rate Controlled Sintering (RCS) software. The measurement was carried out at a heating rate of 10 K/min. The start/stop mode of the RCS software was used. The threshold value was 10 µm/min (0.046 %/min). The heating rate was reduced by RCS during sintering to achieve a constant shrinkage rate. The influence of additives (e.g. organic binder, clays) was measured up to 1150°C. The main sintering step occured between 1150°C and 1350°C.

DIL 402 C - Vacuum-tight, horizontal pushrod dilatometer

This highly vacuum-tight, horizontal push rod dilatometer with a measuring system made of Invar, a high-resolution inductive displacement transducer and comprehensive thermostatization offers high precision, reproducibility and long-term stability – the best qualifications for demanding use in research and development.