NETZSCH Software

Next to the hardware employed, today software takes on the most important functions in the preparation, performance and evaluation of thermal analysis experiments. A comprehensive software solution, which contains all of the instrument-specific settings, control operations, data storage and evaluation routines in one single package was introduced by NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing with the Proteus® Software. It is one of the most complete products on the market and stands out for its ease of operation, in spite of the enormous range of functions.
The amount of information yielded by thermal analysis measurements is even greater with the wide selection of specialized Advanced Software.

Our software packages Proteus® and Advanced Software are based on the industrial standard user interface Windows® from Microsoft®. They support the Windows® versions Windows®7, 8.1 and 10.

Here you find our general license terms for Proteus and Advanced Software.

NETZSCH Proteus® Software for Thermal Analysis

Integrated measuring and evaluation software for all instruments.

rSpace Software

Experience the Ultimate in Test Flexibility with Sequence-Driven Rheometer Control

Kinetics Neo Software
NETZSCH directA Software for Modulated Thermogravimetry

Software for direct analysis of the thermogravimetric data, measured under the conditions of modulated temperature. The software calculates activation energy of chemical reactions from one modulated thermogravimetric measurement as the continuous function of time, temperature or reaction conversion over the whole measurement.

NETZSCH Advanced Software
  • Thermokinetics
  • Thermal Simulations
  • Component Kinetics
  • Peak Separation