Customer Magazine OnSet

"OnSet" is a publication of NETZSCH-Gerätebau which appears twice a year with articles on new instruments, new applications, etc.

OnSet 15 / 2015

In this edition:

  • NETZSCH GABO Instruments – The DMTA-Expert from Ahlden as a New Member of the NETZSCH-Group (page 1)

  • DIL 402 Expedis − Dilatometry Newly Defined (pape 3)

  • LFA 467 HT HyperFlash® − First LFA with Xenon Light Source to 1250°C (page 7)

  • Thermoreflectance by Pulsed Light Heating – The LFA Method for Thin Films (page 10)

  • Smart Analysis: AutoEvaluation and Identify (page 12)

  • Thermal Characterization of Ionic Liquids (page 14)

  • Description of Humid Atmospheres (page 18)

  • Solutions by NETZSCH for Measurements in Humid Atmospheres (page 20)

  • 2nd Workshop on Thermal Analysis of Ceramics and Nuclear Materials (page 23)