Learn how to measure the thermal conductivity of extremely small and highly conductive samples

The thermal conductivity measurement of materials is often impossible when the specimen is relatively small in both thickness and cross-section. 
This difficulty is further compounded if the material is highly conductive. In such circumstances, the solution of choice is the Laser Flash technique (LFA) whereby thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity are measured separately and combined into the thermal conductivity value. 
In this technique, the front side of the specimen is subjected to a short pulse of energy and the resulting temperature excursion is recorded on the opposite side and subsequently used to compute thermal diffusivity and heat capacity.

This webinar will present applications on metals and polymers. 

Thursday: November 21, 2019

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06:00 AM (EST – Boston, MA) | 12:00 PM (CET – Berlin), English

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11:00 AM (EST – Boston, MA) | 05:00 PM (CET – Berlin), English

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