Welcome to NETZSCH Live from the Lab!

A living, breathing, laboratory experience.

NETZSCH North America Commercial Testing Laboratory is loaded with the best instrumentation and expertise. Its doors have always been open physically to anyone interested in the practical matters of materials characterization. But in the world of the “new normal” we’ve decided to increase the accessibility to our laboratory capabilities by opening our minds and instruments to everyone through our new virtual ‘live fire’ sessions. If it is in our wheelhouse – it can be beamed directly into your office or living room via a Live from the Lab encounter! 

We have set up a series of live demos based on questions we frequently hear about how our instruments work and the best measurements can be made. These demos are the short and sweet! 

Examples include: 

  • sample changing
  • instrument setup and
  • software implementation across different instruments and applications.

After the demo, you ask us anything – we show you how we do it in the lab.

We will answer what we know, show you what we can, and support your other inquiries with submissions to our knowledge base and colleagues around the world!

Provide us with your input for additional areas you would like to see covered and the next Live encounter might just feature your topic of choice.

Join US in our free live demos!

See our current schedule of topics and register

Topic Date Time Registration Presentator
STA-GC/MS: Technique Overview: Prctical considerations in evolved gas analysis January 19 2 pm EDT (Boston) Register now Mike Hsu
Rotational Rheology: Practicum with the NETZSCH Kinexus instrument February 16 2 pm EDT (Boston) Register now Philip Rolfe
Dielectric Analysis for Curing Optimization with the DEA 288 platform March 16 2 pm EDT (Boston) Register now Yanxi Zhang and Brad Hammond
Capillary Rheology: Practicum with the NETZSCH Rosand instrument April 20 2 pm EDT (Boston) Register now Vivek Shahi
Measuring Heat Capacity May 18 2 pm EDT (Boston) Register now Mike Hsu
High Pressure DSC in practice June 15 2 pm EDT (Boston) Register now Mike Hsu