Polyimide Prepreg — Production Monitoring

The molding of a polyimide/graphite prepreg in a production press was automated using the ion viscosity to initiate processing steps. Pressure was applied when the ion viscosity detected the viscosity minimum of the material, the critical time when the resin would flow properly but the excess volatiles would not be trapped. An additional critical point was employed to trigger de-mold when the part was sufficiently cured, thus reducing cycle times and increasing throughput. This is reflected in a much lower price for the molding. (measurement with DEA 288 Epsilon)

DEA 231 Epsilon – Dielectric Analyzer

This single-channel measurement system can operate at a high data acquisition rate with a selectable frequency and is therefore ideal for investigation of the crosslinking and curing behavior of fast-curing resin systems, adhesives and paints, e.g. SMC/BMC and UV curing materials.