Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Conductivity of PbTe

Lead telluride has good performance as a thermoelectric material, partly due to the low thermal conductivity and partly due to its electrical properties. This plots exhibits the Seebeck coefficient (green curve) and electrical conductivity (blue curve) between room temperature and 250°C. The dotted green line represents the PTB1)-certified values. A good correlation can be observed indicating the reliability of the system.

1) Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig

Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity of PbTe

SBA 458 Nemesis®

Thermoelectric materials should possess high working temperatures and optimized efficiency. The relative performance is described by the figure of merit (ZT). It highlights the importance of the Seebeck coefficient with respect to the performance. The SBA 458 Nemesis® allows for simultaneous measurement of the Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity under indentical conditions.