Instrument Cockpit App

Improved Efficiency with the Instrument Cockpit App from NETZSCH

You want to view the status of your NETZSCH instruments but you are in a meeting. You want to have an overview of the currently running measurements in your lab. You want to have control of your Thermal Analyzer without being on site.

The innovative Instrument Cockpit App from NETZSCH offers you these possibilities.

From your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android Phone, or Windows PC connected to the intranet of your company via network, you can connect to NETZSCH instruments and view the current status.

If user permissions are set up accordingly, you can view data of the running measurement and stop the measurement. As no data is submitted through the public internet, the data is protected from unauthorized access from the outside.

What you get:

  • Be informed
    of the current status and the remaining time until the test runs are finished.

  • Be faster
    Direct access to the currently running test measurements. You can view and show results without being in the lab.

  • Be safe
    Ability to stop any measurement any time remotely

What you need:

  • A NETZSCH DSC, TGA, TMA, DIL or STA system from the current product line
  • The Proteus® software version 6.1 or higher
  • A network connection in which the measurement computer is installed 
  • A Windows PC

Increase the efficiency of your daily work. You don’t have to be in the lab to know what is going on there. Use the new combination of modern information technology and highly reliable thermal analysis systems, available from NETZSCH.